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The exam workout that counts!

The only mobile-friendly tool featuring official Cambridge exam preparation material!

Test & Train is

  • Mobile-friendly and available on any electronic device
  • User-friendly and fun to use, just like a videogame, for students of any age group!
  • Complete, as it trains students on all skills and exam tasks, through short, sharp workouts and expert tips.
  • Helpful for teachers, thanks to automatically-corrected exercises and instant feedback
  • Precise, as it gives you the opportunity to monitor individual and class performance in real time
  • Official, as it provides authentic exam tasks, identical to the ones students will find in the exam
  • Integrated with a variety of Cambridge courses (find out which ones) or available as a standalone

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Available levels


Key for Schools


Preliminary for Schools


First for Schools





Available through any device, Test & Train offers official, sharp, short and user-friendly exam workouts, ideal to maximise performance ahead of exam day.

Benefits your school and your students

  • Offer your students a reliable tool to practice the exam asynchronously
  • Improve your student’s autonomy and confidence
  • Create the exact same conditions of the Digital exam with the timed practice-test (available only on PC)
  • Improve the candidates’ success rate
  • Broaden your digital offer
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Test & Train is available both as a standalone or bundled with the following courses:

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