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EAP Resources

Our range of Academic English publishing focuses on the skills needed for academic life and teaches the most useful language.

Materials are available to suit a variety of courses at different types of institution, designed for both students and teachers. Our courses help learners develop the confidence they need to succeed in the real world. Find our product suggestions below for your EAP classroom.

Try Unlock 2nd Edition

Our best-selling EAP series, Unlock, will soon be available in our new digital environment, Cambridge One. With all the resources for students and teachers in one place, you can be confident that students will navigate the materials with ease and that we’ve selected the most appropriate technology to make learning as effective as possible. It’s our digital pedagogy in practice.

  • Underpinned by the principles of Digital Pedagogy research
  • Interactive and engaging to support learner progress at home or in class
  • Everything you need, all in one place
  • Simple registration for students and staff

Explore how Unlock can develop critical thinking skills

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Making Connections

The reading and vocabulary skills your students need for academic study. The reading and vocabulary skills your students need for academic study. Developing learning strategies, improving reading speed and focusing on vocabulary.

Cambridge Academic English

The three-level (B1 to C1) course for higher education students at university or on foundation courses. Focusing on real academic skills and in developing essential critical thinking skills.

Cambridge Academic Empower

A six-level adult course with validated assessment from Cambridge Assessment English. Offering a comprehensive digital package and resources focusing on light academic skills and language.

Unlock 2nd Edition

Unlock Second edition is an academic-light English course that builds the skills and language students need for their studies.

Unlock helps students to think critically in an academic context right from the start of their language learning and has been developed using academic and classroom research to ensure it meets their needs. Unlock uses research from the Cambridge English Corpus and English Profile to focus on the language areas students find most challenging.

NEW A complete new set of Unit review tests, Mid-level and End-of-level tests for levels 1–4

  • All tests contain 100% new skills texts and items, as well as Key Vocabulary and Language Development sections.
  • Strictly aligned with the skills and language points of each course book unit so that students are only tested on what they know.
  • Available as ready-to-use PDF tests, or as editable Word documents for greater test security.
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Remote teaching guide

‘How to teach remotely’ with Unlock supports teachers working with the course and our digital resources in a virtual classroom.

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Find out why teachers and students love Unlock

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Learn more about Unlock 2nd Edition

Would you like to find out more about Unlock? Visit the product website pages to learn more about the course, its digital components and see what’s on offer for teacher support.

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Cambridge One

Your new home for digital learning

Cambridge One is a new easy-to-use and flexible learning environment for English language learners and teachers. It offers intuitive, mobile-friendly navigation and clear data views.

What’s special about it?

All in one place

Easy access to all teaching and learning materials in one place across multiple devices

Age appropriate

Engaging design for children, teens and adult learners ensures that students feel motivated and challenged at the right level

Data you can trust

Meaningful, relevant and actionable data with elements of gamification to guide teachers and keep learners motivated

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