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Explore how Unlock develops critical thinking skills

Schools and higher education institutions need to show that they are evaluating their language programmes and using an effective language course.

We undertook impact studies with institutions to demonstrate the value of a course to both students and teachers focusing on critical thinking. This was done by analysing data from a mixture of: language test results before, during and after the course, administering pre- and post-course questionnaires to both teachers and students and by using in-depth focus groups.

Student feedback

Our best-selling EAP series, Unlock, will soon be available in our new digital environment, Cambridge One. With all the resources for students and teachers in one place, you can be confident that students will navigate the materials with ease and that we’ve selected the most appropriate technology to make learning as effective as possible. It’s our digital pedagogy in practice.

Data from impact studies with teachers and students when using Unlock, 2019.

Teacher feedback

Explore what teachers say about the teacher support in Unlock.

  • Teachers had increased confidence in their ability to develop their students’ critical thinking skills.
  • Their students were better at remembering, completing tables and diagrams with information from elsewhere, and had better analytical skills, which enabled them to make comparisons, identify advantages and disadvantages, and understand cause and effect.
  • An increase in students’ language use, where more students had useful language to demonstrate their analytical skills.
  • A greater number of students were good at evaluating what they read or heard and were able to express their own judgement and interpretation of it.
  • Their students were better at analysing information, and identifying trends and facts.

Data from impact studies with teachers and students when using Unlock, 2019.

Explore how Unlock can develop critical thinking skills

Find out what students say about using Unlock and how it helped them develop their critical thinking skills.

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