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Experts in Digital Pedagogy

Understand the story behind our research in creating insights that underpin everything we do including creating world-class EAP materials to make learning as effective and interactive as possible.

The sudden transition to digital learning has got the ELT world increasingly excited about digital pedagogy, curious about what it can afford and what it can help us achieve. Our ELT Language Research Team at Cambridge University Press has dug much deeper into digital pedagogies to ensure that what we are creating is something that will help us learn, as opposed to something that simply looks good. Our materials are built on research into learning that we know will guide users towards more effective language learning.

Meet our Language Research Team and discover how pedagogy informs our materials.

Our research into Digital Pedagogy

At Cambridge we help teachers use technology and digital learning materials as effectively as possible. We work with experts and researchers, as well as with teachers like yourselves, to understand better what really works and how technology can help your students learn. We research questions such as ‘How can you get your students to work collaboratively online?’, ‘How can you use online resources to personalise their learning?’ and ‘How can students use their mobile phones to help learn English?’. We use this research to create insights that shape everything that we do and this includes providing helpful guidance to teachers – in professional development sessions, in videos and in our research papers.

We also use research to improve the design of our digital learning materials.

We design our online platform and apps to motivate students to engage, to build their confidence and to give them space to practise difficult areas at their own pace.

We analyse data from students’ use of our materials to identify which activities work best for different types of learner, which sequences of learning are most effective, and what screen designs help students manage their own learning by themselves.

Our research into what students really learn from digital classrooms means we are continuously learning and improving our support to teachers. At Cambridge, our priority is making sure that technology is shaped by the pedagogy, and not the other way round.

Cambridge Research Papers

Written in collaboration with industry experts, the Cambridge Papers in ELT series connects the deeper insights of linguistic and pedagogical research with the reality of everyday ELT practice.

Explore the extensive range of topics covered in our series to access relevant, evidence-based support and practical ideas to implement in your classroom.

Using mobile devices in the language classroom

How can we use mobile functions, apps, and web-based resources to develop language skills and cultural learning?

Blended language learning

How can blended learning put learners at the centre of the learning process, encourage independence, and help teachers support learning?

Developing critical thinking in EAP programmes

What strategies and techniques can we use to best embed critical thinking skills in EAP programmes?

Personalization in adaptive learning technology

How can innovations in Natural Language Processing and semantic computing help develop tools for language learning?

How can I put digital pedagogy into practice in the EAP classroom?

Our commitment to research enables us to deliver useful and practical guidance that teachers can use to promote research-informed practices. We develop frameworks and approaches that teachers can integrate into their teaching and we have extensive experience in helping Higher Education providers find a solution that best meets their needs.

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